We lead the AI Market

Divisible Global is a leading group which develops and implements Artificial Intelligence driven solutions into business processes, focusing on workflow management and decisions impact on data.

Divisible aims to optimize decision making processes within companies by using artificial intelligence to automate data collection and analysis, and to predict the impact that decisions have on data.

What our technology can perform


Why Divisible Global

When I started the first company of Divisible’s group I was just a teenager with some mathematical skills and a very simple dream: to make people less worried when they need to take a business decision.  I started investing only in technology development: we created some of the most outstanding Artificial Intelligence algorithms out there, but no one was able to use them since they were too complex.

That’s why we started growing in many directions, acquiring talented people with very different skills and creating or acquiring different companies, each one specialized in a specific field which is needed to make Artificial Intelligence understandable to business users. A very complex task, that can only be accomplished if different profiles are able to work together with proficiency.

We are not yet close to the goal but, since there is not a field in which I’m the no. 1 in my company, I know we are well on the road.


Michele Grazioli

Founder & CEO – Divisible Global