Who we are

Divisible Group is a company – part of Divisible Global‘s group – which develops Artificial Intelligence-driven technology and it is responsible for all AI project inside the group. In fact, it owns all the knowhow about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, besides being the owner of all the algorithms of the group, including Causal Correlation and “White Box” Neural Network ones. 

Divisible Group is based in Milan, Italy.

Founder – and actual CEO – of the company is Mr. Michele Grazioli.


What We Do


Development of Strong Predictive Models

Using our proprietary Causal Correlation Algorithm, we are able to develop extremely strong and durable predictive models, which can be used for various purposes such as to forecast sales, to predict the bottom line of a project or simply to understand if accepting a new client is a good choice for the company.

Predictive models are usually developed from scratch to best-fit business needs, but we also have a repository of pre-made models which are available on demand. If you want to approach this field with the budget in mind, you can just contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.


Development of Powerful Artificial Intelligence Frameworks

Artificial Intelligence is a complex field, which requires a very wide knowledge which includes big data management, algorithms development, and understanding of business logic. To accomplish this, we have developed over the years an innovative approach which consists of developing a framework to easily manage AI algorithms to get business results.

Our competitive advantage in this fields is granted by our “White Box” Neural Network, which makes the user able to understand why a model gave a specific result.

We can build frameworks from scratch or starting from one of our products (which are frameworks already prepared to accomplish specific business needs).


Improvement of Decision Making Processes using Artificial Intelligence

Making a business decision is a very complex task, and that’s why being a manager is not as easy as many people think. The real issue is that it is really difficult which data to collect to take a responsible decision. Analytical techniques – like DMN (Decision Model and Notation) – are suitable for very simple decisions, but they face several lacks when dealing with real-world managerial problems.

Using our technology, we are able to understand which data has an impact on a decision, and forecast which can be the impact of this decision to data.


You can contact us writing an email to info@divisiblegroup.com,

call the number +39  02 3792 3898,

or simply fill the form below.