Who We Are

Software House 3.0

Divisible Odd is a modern software house which develops highly scalable and extremely customized cloud-based platforms, which is part of the Divisible Global group.
Divisible Odd develops all the code which is not related with Artificial Intelligence, serving also as System Integrator for all the group’s solutions with non-AI-powered software.
The name Divisible Odd comes from the intersection between math skills (“Divisible”) and creativity (“Odd”).
Following the initial values, we have implemented a continuous learning-and-improvement method based on lateral thinking over well-modeled problems.

Divisible Odd is highly linked with Soncino, in Italy. It is the hometown of Michele Grazioli, one of the founders and actual CEO. The company represents modernity and innovation in contrast with the tradition of a medieval town.



What We Do

We develop highly scalable cloud-based platforms

Our main task is to develop cloud-based software which lasts, and that’s why we strongly focus on performance and scalability.

Our platforms include CRM to manage clients, ERP to manage production, websites to engage costumers, e-commerce to improve sales, and so on.

We usually build them from scratch but among the years we have also developed standardized solutions. The list of these solutions is available on request.


Our Strength

The perfect mix of math and creativity

The digital world is mainly composed of Small and Medium software houses and communication agencies which are not really vertically integrated. We are not their competitor, but we are more focused on advanced and complex products which requires a structured team and strong project management skills.

We have created the best mix of pragmatical mathematicians and visionary innovators, in order to create breakthrough products without forgetting deadlines and costs.


Our Contacts

We are based in Italy.

Our address is:
Via Matteotti 47/A
26029 Soncino (CR) – Italy

Our Company Infos
VAT: IT01595240191
LEGAL MAIL: divisibleodd@pec.it

If you would like to contact us,
you can send an email at info@divisibleodd.com,
call the number 0374 936250,
or fill the form below.