Who we are

A boutique consulting firm

Divisible & Co. is Divisible Global’s boutique consulting firm, which focuses its attention on the implementation ai AI-powered solutions into businesses, in order to guarantee the best ROI (Return On Investment) as possible.

Divisible & Co. main skill is to translate the technical language into a business-friendly one since we strongly believe that without comprehension there cannot be any proficiency in using innovative products.



What we do

We forecast with precision the ROI of AI projects

We have developed over the years a very strong framework to evaluate the impact of Artificial Intelligence projects into a company from several points of view, including financials, workflows and decision-making processes. We are also responsible for the definition of all the steps – and the resources – needed to achieve those results.

We make Artificial Intelligence easy to understand

To sum up, technology is for technicians, business is for managers. We don’t aim to teach how to write a neural network’s activation function, our objective is just to make the company understand how implementing a neural network can improve the average Return On Sales.



Our Contacts

To contacts us,

you can send an email at info@divisibleandco.com,

call the number +39 02 3792 3898,

or fill the form below.