Pam Factotum

Pam Factotum is an intelligent tool that allows you to use Artificial Intelligence to organize your activities more simply and intuitively.

Pam Factotum connects to the mail, calendar, and to-do list, and allows for natural language interaction thanks to the identification of meta tags in the dataset.

Furthermore, Pam Factotum comes with an advanced neural network that allows it to make previsions that are more accurate than the ones made by the traditional to-do Software using conventional statistical tools. It is possible to use these forecasts in two ways:
– Asking them directly to Pam: “When can I schedule a meeting with supplier Beta in meeting room C?”
– Using a proactivity function, which allows Pam to autonomously conduct simulations on data and identify potential opportunities and risks: “I think that we should move the meeting scheduled for today at 4.00pm with Michele since traffic reports just notified me that it would take you more than half an hour to reach his office. Do you want me to send him an e-mail?”