Technology represents a core strategical asset for our group, and it’s the primary source of our competitive advantage.

By the way, during the years we have understood that, in a long-term vision, applications of our technology are more important than the technology itself.

That’s why, in the following lines, we are going to describe its structure in order to make people conscious about which kind of real-world problems it can solve.

About Artificial Intelligence and Our Technology

Nowadays it’s not that easy to understand what “Artificial Intelligence” really is: many science fiction films have created a popular belief of robots that take control of the world. This is not the state of the art, and not even close to the actual capabilities of a “Smart” system.

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence is spreading nowadays to complete specific tasks, more or less complex, which are easier to learn byexperience” that finding and algorithmic resolution for every case they can face. For example, customer service is made by thousands of requests: how could be possible to forecast all of them in an IF…ELIF…ELSE almost infinite function?

Without a doubt, possible applications are very wide, and it’s practically impossible to get a competitive advantage in all of them; this is the reason why we decided to focus on three specific fields, full of real-world problems:

  1. Decision Making and Problem Solving: how to forecast the impact of decision?
  2. Proactive Workflow Management: how to coordinate activities in a fast-running world?
  3. Intangible to Tangible KnowHow Modeling: how to describe non-structured processes?